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We're so much better!
Because it takes a
Quality Community Centered Team!

Background  - Our primary focus is You. 

Your project(s), organization, or business.

Listening to determine what matters to you the most, and take the necessary action steps to bring your visions to fruition.  

Helping you to make it happen!  
Individuals | Small Organizations-Business |

Not-For-Profit | Educational  

How We Got Here

Passions and Experience 

Deb Grant Edu Media Consulting Services has demonstrated its effectiveness in situations where fire-fighting issues tended to be the norm.  We bring knowledge, a work ethic, and also an inspiration to you to realize your success! This then affects your team, customers, students, teachers, and families, and vested in developing our communities!  We take pride and have generated a growing network of niche experts as a referral to help you in critical areas of your success. 
We want to bring our knowledge base and experience to support, encourage and inspire you and each other, and in so doing create additional success!


Our success is built on a simple premise:  

That we can help effectuate a viable number of internal solutions for you individually, your business/organization/project; committed to seeing your success!

Deborah R. Grant (Deb), is the principal entrepreneur among other valued resources of Deb Grant Edu Media LLC. Deb became involved in the practice of Hatha Yoga and Meditation in the 1970s and trained under the Temple of Kriya Yoga’s Master Teacher of Hatha Yoga Training Program under Goswami Kriyananda, Dr. Lawrence Krache, MD., and Rebecca Love.  Continuing studies under Swami Rama and Yirser Ra Hotep in Kemetic Yoga (an Egyptian-based Yoga system developed on the South Side of Chicago over 35 years ago). She is an early member of the International Association of Black Yoga Teachers, a Certified Massage Therapist through the Chicago School of Massage Therapy, a practitioner of Reflexology, Sound-Vibrational Therapy, and has taught Yoga at various community organizations around the South Side and surrounding areas.


She has a Master's of Public Policy and Business and has worked as a consultant in Social Media Management, Community Development, Marketing, Social Justice, Fundraising, Video production, Technology-Health Information Systems, and Project Management with the US Department of Defense, City of Chicago, Chicago Transit Authority, Trinity United Church of Christ, and several other businesses and organizations.  Deb Grant Edu Media works closely with a small but significant group of mutual, "like-minded" accomplished, qualified professionals who work together manifest as a true team! 


We believe in being open and receptive to all...

Races, Religions, Countries of Origin, Abilities, Sexual Orientations, and Genders.



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