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Promotes a podcast group providing interesting and enjoyable conversations about music. Sharing music interests from Old School, Jazz, Classical, R&B, Hip Hop, etc.  To develop the next generation of progressive music listener-lovers!


For listeners to become more musically enriched by hearing stories about varied musical genres. Learning about the lives of musicians. Sharing “where you were then.” Discussing varied music experiences; to assist listeners in learning more about music genres and growing their musical knowledge and musical interest.

•  To provide an enjoyable way for people to connect who is music enthusiasts.
•  To share music concert-tour informational resources.
•  To network with listeners. 
•  To periodically interview musicians.


 Appreciation of Music Genre, and of individuals' love of music and the Arts.
Provide music listeners with insights and information towards developing greater self-life perspectives through music. Sharing stories among others who travel similar music journey’s towards greater life enjoyment. 

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