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Offering A Potpurri of Services 


Health ~ Wellness Practices

Quantum Dynamics (QD) Initiation & Practice ~
In Deep Appreciation & Dedication to the memory of Kali Maie - Guide, Initiate

QD initiation is a purification tool to rid denials, unblock energy and unify feelings and thoughts in your third-dimensional body.

Scheduled Virtual (Private) and In-Person Sessions.
Intimate, small-group workshops

Over time this is one of our most requested inquiries.

QD Initiation requires a commitment to process through the "biggies" such as denials, traumas, parental or others' disapproval, negative thoughts and feelings about self and/or others, and past lives.  By choosing this initiation, you are provided with the highest energy, intentions, and integrity in a private setting.  You are led with all of the wisdom and excellence I have received. All initiation steps and practices are made very clear. These tools of self-expansion will shift you and change your overall point of view. To grow your heart.

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Private (Virtual), In-Person, and small-group meditation practice

Inviting attendees in Meditation Practices and Techniques for Beginner to Advanced Practitioners.

My meditation sessions are intended to introduce several types of meditation practices and techniques. Each person intuitively receives and determines their very own unique insights: in the manner of meditation best for you, and clearly, as you truly need.  

My goal is to promote and improve our overall behavioral health, (thoughts, words, actions, and reactions) by sharing life experiences with each who shows up for themselves in this practice.

Podcasts are periodically available on this website for your evolvement and consideration. We invite you to listen to our featured interviewed guest. Sharing information that prioritizes those of us who seek to manage stress, anxiety, fear, PTSD, addictions, and domestic and partnership violence. 

A way for all of us to help overcome challenges in day-to-day life experiences. Moreover to further develop greater life perspectives producing positive actions in living a more tranquil life amidst hardships encountered. 

Sharing practice and resources with other African American and People of Color, who have traveled similar journeys; finding greater life contentment, and empowering individuals through developing self-awareness

Professional ~ Organizational Services


Streamline Your Internal Organizational - Business Processes. Small Group Facilitation Workshops

Today this is one of our most needed and requested organizational services available. It’s made a huge difference in productivity and in service(s) delivery to customers/clients. Once intentions are expressed, and understood, conversations and analysis of your internal operations are then streamlined. This is the purpose of Business (Organizational) Process Analysis. This purpose serves the organization well. If you desire to become more effective in internal workflow processes; be clear about who does what, how, when, and with whom.

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Your News Is Good News!
Email Newsletter - Design, administration & publishing

You love the idea of publishing a periodic email newsletter yet you don't have the internal resources or the time to handle the tasks. This is another popular service we extend to you. We listen and discuss your publication intentions and goals and assist in content development, images, layout/design, and assist in the administration of your email contacts list. Our intentions are for you to be satisfied in publishing a quality, accurate and appealing publication for your viewers. We also help with campaigns, marketing, and event planning.  

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Assistance in Grant Research &
Grant Compliance

We work with highly experienced partners researching grant possibilities uniquely for your organization's vision, goals, and objectives. Our intentions are to act as an intermediary to grant writers of the highest quality, integrity, and passion; to work in your best interest in achieving funding for your program goals, which will benefit your organization and community..  


Video & Audio Support for Small Projects 

Video and audio support services are a way to perfect your visions. We partner with some of the very best videographers, audio technicians, and directors available in the media production field. With this service, we ensure all details are simple, seamless, and handled in a tall important timely manner. 

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